ALEX 1 Title
Originating from Edinburgh Scotland, ALEX is a Scottish born electronic music producer, composer and DJ. After spreading his sound to every channel and label possible, ALEX broke through in the most significant way possible. If you get the attention of Playmaker and NewRetroWave in the synthwave scene, you're doing something right, and ALEX's unique approach to composition and production led to his debut release with NewRetroWave, the Blood Club EP. And things haven't slowed for the young producer, with two more EPs and an album since his debut, each showing another side to the artist. After the release of his Drive-inspired EP Youth, fans of the powerful vocal tracks "Rebel of the Night" and "Youth" can get excited for the pair of major budget music videos ALEX has in store, with filming having taken place in Russia and New York City. ALEX grew up listening to the likes of Daft Punk, Justice, Underworld, Chromatics, Deadmau5, absorbing the sounds of disco, house, hip-hop, and rock, cherry-picking his favorite elements to blend into the new retro haze of his own material. He also cites film composers, such as Disasterpiece, John Carpenter, Vangelis, Johan Johansson, and John Williams, as an influence.