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Celebrated Brazilian songwriter-producer-multi-instrumentalist Amabis proves beyond any doubt that he can now add vocalist to his list of musical talents. At the time of recording his album Trabalhos Carnivroros, Amabis was influenced in equal parts by Brazilian folk-legend Dorival Caymmi, Turkish rocker Erkin Koray, and Scottish troubadour Donovan. As The New York Times astutely commented, listening to Trabalhos Carnivroros is like stepping into a "paradoxical representation of audio space... hearing intimate confessions in a concrete warehouse." With his previous album Memorias Luso/Africanas featuring vocals from Lucas Santtana, Criolo, Ceu and Tulipa, it was a brave move by Amabis to shoulder all the vocal duties himself, yet he does so with aplomb, and his melancholic delivery is the perfect foil to the spooky, reverbed guitars, echoing silence, and rhythmic claustrophobia that he and his long-term musical partner Regis Damasceno have crafted. Mostly known for his production work -- famously on Ceu's acclaimed second and third albums Vagarosa and Caravana Sereia Bloom, Amabis has also worked on soundtracks for both Brazilian TV (City of Men) and Hollywood (Lord of War, Collateral) and is an in-demand musician who?s featured on records by Rodrigo Campos, Curumin, and Lucas Santtana.
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