Âmes Sanglantes is an underground noise project started by Pierre-Marc Tremblay in September 1996. This was a valley for noise and many of the underground bands went even further into obscurity. Yet the doors of the international noise network were about to break open with the arrival of the internet calamity. Ames was highly active on the MSBR guestbook days of noise where punters would "sign" the guestbook and leave adverts and make contact with other loners. An electronic version of a bulletin board with classified ads for "piano lessons", "English tutors", and bands "seeking lead singers". A melting pot of grindcore, absurdist mail art, and industrial punk, this "pay-to-play" scene consisted of open-minded strangers who would send one another one half of a c60 on principle to other strangers to make a split tape. 99-track compilation CDs where the artist would submit a piece under one minute, pay a small fee, and receive one or two copies of the disc in exchange were the only hope of promotion. Many times, open call compilation submissions would fail to materialize and masters that hadn't been duplicated would be lost. As the '90s came to a close, the last dying gasp of the pre-internet world finally collapsed. Mr. Tremblay immersed himself in the black metal band Akitsa, which rose to cult status as being one of the "real" bands from North America in the third wave of black metal from the late '90s. But make no mistake, this was a black metal full of punk, noise, and industrial influences that Mr. Tremblay carried along from his insane past in the DIY tape culture meltdown world of harsh noise and freak-out grind bands. A change took place and Âmes Sanglantes shed its nonsensical skin to adopt a darker, more focused industrial and ambient noise. This new transformation was equally informed by Cold Meat Industry alongside RRRecords and the early days of Alien8 recordings, an imprint close to Tremblay during his first experiments with youthful electronics. Now having secured himself cult status in the black metal world, Âmes Sanglantes has returned as Bloody Souls. Âmes Sanglantes is also a live project that has shared the stage with artists such as Kevin Drumm, Alberich, MSBR, Tim Hecker, Godflesh, and more.
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