Dalthom is the duo of Massachusetts natives Greg Dalton and Robert Thomas. Dalton began gigging and self-issuing recordings under the name Gary War in the late '90s and subsequently released a string of underground psych LPs and EPs on various labels (Spectrum Spools, Upset! The Rhythm, Sacred Bones) and has toured the project extensively in recent years. Thomas was a founding member of the psychedelic improvisational group Sunburned Hand of the Man who, after forming in 1996, released a slew of albums, toured heavily and were touted as early progenitors of the scene dubbed "New Weird America" and "Freak Folk" by the music press of the early '00s. Frame Slip is the first release by the duo who have spent the past several years collaborating on elaborate recordings crafted over multiple extended sessions of hyper-focused tracking, editing and mixing. Dalton brought the sessions to New Zealand where additional vocals were rendered by Clementine Nixon (of the ethereal New Zealand duo Purple Pilgrims) and drums were added by the cryptic Kiwi artist known as Kraus. All attempts have been made to create an evocative and modern tapestry of ever morphing mood and sound flow to engage and elevate the open minded listener.
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