Blow Job

3DB 014CD 3DB 014CD

Blow Job is an album stripped of glamour, fancy artistry or advanced studio techniques. This is one man, one saxophone and the musical intentions of a modern musician. Kjetil Møster's musical career is one of many contradictions. After studying accordion as a kid, his stage debut was as a thrash/hardcore bass player on the scenes of Bergen, Norway in 1990. His saxophone-playing made him discover John Coltrane a few years later, a revelation that brought him to jazz studies at the conservatory in Trondheim, focusing on modal and free jazz, and later free-improvised music. After having redefined tenor-playing on the Norwegian scene, mainly in bands like Ultralyd, Zanussi Five and The Core, Møster was awarded the "World's Jazz Talent of the Year 2006" by international jazz organizations IAJE and IJFO. However, Møster was seen escaping the jazz scene in the following years, spending more and more time with electro-rock band Datarock and the occasional detour with small underground units and the N Ensemble. Møster chose to focus on Datarock full-time in 2007. Blow Job is his big step back into the world of improvised music. Kjetil Møster has performed extensively in Europe, Asia, the U.S. and South America. He has been a key person in establishing the All Ears festival in Oslo as one of the most important events for improvised music. He has participated in a large number of ad hoc projects with such musicians as Jon Christensen, Paal Nilssen-Love, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Michael Duch, Maja Ratkje, Andrew D'Angelo, Jim Black and so on. Blow Job is the second album in +3DB's series Music For One, featuring different shades of solo improvised music.