Mit Wittgenstein in Krisuvík

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"Wittgenstein in Krisuvík - translated as 'twenty-two Elf Songs for Iceland', the solo CD by Wolfgang Müeller. Wolfgang Müller, author, artist and the head of the legendary cult band Die Tödliche Doris (1980 - 1987) lives in Berlin. He is the president of the Walther von Goethe Foundation Reykjavík. In August 1995, Wolfgang Müller met the head of Iceland's Elf Department, the medium Erla Stefánsdóttir, in Reykjavik, for a long interview. To his question whether elves are only to be found in Iceland, Erla answered: 'of course not. Elves are everywhere.' And how do the communicate with each other? Is there an international elf language?, enquired Wolfgang. Amused, Erla Stefánsdóttir plucked some fluff off her red jumper and shook her head: 'elves don't speak -- they sing!' Elves' singing is normally inaudible to the human ear. Unlike music made by humans, it goes directly into the head of the listener. Hearing, therefore, is not an essential function in order to perceive it. An extremely fascinating thought for Wolfgang Müeller, who had already produced music with a hearing challenged friend in the early Eighties. 'In order to create an agreeable environment, where elves would feel comfortable, I must remain equally open to the musical, the non-musical and extra-musical,' says Wolfgang Müeller. And so, various musical styles, directions and currents are found running through on on his new CD, Mit Wittgenstein in Krisuvík. Elves and dwarves are behind all of those, inaudible and yet perceptible -- some friendly, the others wrathful; sometimes merry, serious at other times."