Live With Dubs


"Lobby is an undisputed legend of Aussie rock and our first real guitar hero. His body of work, featuring The Purple Hearts, The Wild Cherries, The Aztecs and The Coloured Balls is unrivalled -- these are bands that helped to change the face of Aussie music in the Sixties and Seventies. Our first Lobby Loyde reissue is the mega rare 1980 title: Live With Dubs. By and large something of an unknown quantity, Live with Dubs is now considered by Aussie guitar rock aficionados to be one of the best albums of its type released at the time. The redoubtable Lobby Loyde has long been considered one of Australia 's master guitarists. A player of considerable confidence, proficiency and technique, by the time he came to record Live with Dubs, Loyde was a near 20-year veteran of the local scene (The Purple Hearts, The Wild Cherries, The Aztecs, and the legendary Coloured Balls). In 1979, after spending 2 years in UK , Loyde returned to Australia . On the way, he stopped off in LA in order to catch up with his old Aztec mates Billy Thorpe and drummer Gil Matthews, then preparing for the release of Thorpie's first American album Children of the Sun. Loyde had a few ideas up his sleeve for a new three-piece touring band, and he knew Matthews would fit the bill. Within weeks of his arrival back in Melbourne, and with Matthews available for a month, Loyde had embarked on a 28-date national tour. The bass player was Gavin Carroll who had previously worked with the Sinclair Brothers and Hush. Radio 2-JJ (the precursor to Radio National's youth oriented Triple J) recorded a gig at the Manly Flicks for a live-to-air broadcast. When it came to mixing the album it was found that the vocal mic's had malfunctioned, so Lobby got Mandu (from Lobby Loyde's Southern Electric) and Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo) into the studio to record the vocal tracks. The resulting LP was released in 1980 (as a very limited pressing) and has always been difficult to find. Live With Dubs has been remastered from the original master tapes, has 7 bonus tracks and an extensive booklet with rare photos and liner notes by noted Aussie rock writer Ian McFarlane -- all packaged together in our deluxe 6 panel digi-pak."