The Other Maria

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"'The Other Maria' represents the character trait each of us has inside within ourselves. The silent part of us that we try to regulate, keep restrained from others and managed just beyond reach from the rest of the World. It represents the compartmentalized potential to do, say and respond with great chaotic harm, despite all unfortunate consequences. It is a full release feeling that we sometimes quietly envy as we witness with disgust and disapproval. Widely considered a character flaw to many, yet, some would relish in the opportunity that could summon such an unpredictable internal animal. Every life has two parallel parts. The one for 'them', the version of yourself that abides by all the acceptable and expected rules of engagement -- often a side that is given credit on face value. The side that achieves progress through peaceful and less confrontational means. The one you use to survive. And the other side, the one for you. An uncompromising, unthinkably ruthless version that knows no limit. That knows no fear. The side of yourself that tells you yes, when you know that 'no' is the better answer. 'The Other Maria' isn't about comfort. It is about hard truth, but also recognizing raw emotions that stem from feeling undeniably free. And what could one do with such a dark, yet wonderworking ability -- when the absence of fear and consequence presides over the judicious process leading to an enviable fate -- convinced that all actions are pure, justified, direct, but conniving. The feeling of relieved of all guilt and accountability? But as diabolical as it can be and appear. Along with the negative static, there can be progress. As true imposes are exposed, so does the transparency of reality. A precious truth that's needed to fully understand the severity of the situation. And with this, comes a valuable knowledge from a low level in which one once descended. Dreadfulness is softened to predictability." Jeff Mills, April 2023