AY 022CD AY 022CD

This is the third full-length release by German Popov aka Our Man From Odessa aka OMFO for Essay Recordings. Omnipresence is the magnum opus by explorer and discoverer, OMFO. Years of travelling far and wide, making hundreds of recordings, delving into ancient musical cultures, and learning to play strange and unfamiliar instruments, have culminated in this experimental electroacoustic masterpiece. An unprecedented combination of sound and instruments takes us on a journey through time and space, captivating the imagination from the very first moment. Collaborating with artists and musicians from around Eurasia is his greatest passion; traditional cultures and their connection with cosmic metaphysical forces, his greatest inspiration. OMFO wants to introduce Western audiences to what he regards as the "intrinsic modernism of the Orient." This includes extending the listener's experience of music beyond the boundaries of mere entertainment and taking it into the realms of ritual. His "Primitive Equations" project with DJ Goldfinger -- a series of events featuring the music and art of indigenous people -- uses "field recordings" accompanied by video projections of related images. In October 2007, thanks to the Aga Khan Music Initiative in Central Asia, OMFO was able to visit Tajikistan, where he had the opportunity to work directly with musicians from the remote Pamir mountain region of Badakhshan. This led to a series of multimedia events throughout Europe and Central Asia: "Falak: The Heavenly Music On Stage." It is from this wealth of experience that OMFO has drawn the inspiration for Omnipresence. In his quest to resolve the issue of traditional cultures and their role in the age of technology, this record is a catalyst for the fusion of these two seemingly irreconcilable concepts. At the same time, OMFO continues to work in the field of film music, mainly creating soundtracks for the video installations and performances of leading Kazakhstan artist, Almagul Menlibayeva, whose work will be shown at the Venice Biennale this year. This is true music from Omfostan.