Balance Presents Uone


One of the most hotly-tipped leaders of the new school, Uone delivers a stunning two-part mix for the Balance Series that was two-and-a-half years in the making, and is composed entirely of his own material. All 21 tracks come from Uone's production studio, whether it be an original, remix, or collaboration, going above and beyond the usual mix CD remit to create something truly special. The Balance compilation series provided an important formative touchstone in his musical education, with his inclusion in the cannon making for a pleasing full circle. His twin mixes feature reworks of progressive house and trance classics (PQM, Jam & Spoon) and references to his home country's thriving scene from his nascent years via his re-work of the highly-revered, once-mighty electronic band, Infusion. Collaboration is a defining factor here with the majority of the tracks created in partnership with other esteemed producers. Uone has mastermind collaborations with the likes of Jay Haze (aka Fuckpony), Adam Freeland, Mihai Popoviciu, Mojo Filter, Jamie Stevens, Jonas Saalbach and Flow & Zeo along the way, making for an acutely diverse melting pot of ideas. The first disc slowly builds from mystical vocal excursions using organic instrumentation, which eases us in before the metallic bass tones of "Animal Kingdom" alongside DJ Schwa raises the intensity. The rhythms switch from techno to house as the pumping groove of his and Andreas Henneberg's remix of Infusion's "Spike A Drink" sends the mix into the next gear. An excellent remix of Schlepp Geist's "Those Days" by Flow & Zeo brings us to an ethereal crescendo. The second disc aims directly at the dance floor, opening with the brooding power of Uone & Danny Bonnici's remix of Luke Chable's classic "The Shepherd." Majestic vocal turns from Philosophia and Sleeping Genie then breeze in to breathe in evolving emotion to the mix. Bold strings continue to cut through on "Good Morning Sunshine" with Thankyou City, before the mix drives us towards the epic chants of Uone & Jamie Stevens' rework of Jam & Spoon's "Odyssey to Anyoona," one of the jewels in the crown of this mix. A wonderful remix of Monolink's Sirens completes the journey, with its mesmerizing indie-dance energy a fitting closer.