Radar Rider/F.I.S.T (ED001 18th Anniversary)

BEC 5907096 BEC 5907096

The first ever release of Ed Banger Records, this is ED001. To celebrate its 18th anniversary, Ed Banger announce a limited-edition repress of this 12". "I'm not going to repeat the story of how I ended up launching a record label while Napster was scaring the whole music industry... Now I realize 'Radar Rider' sounds like the perfect soundtrack of a disaster movie, in which record stores are closing, distributors are disappearing, a world without music, without life! We didn't want this! Of course, we'll release music from French producers, newcomers and put all our hearts into this new adventure. By accident Ed Banger Records was born, 18 years ago. Mr Flash stopped by the office to play me some his beats. He was the French El-P to me, an MPC 3000 genius! I was blow away immediately, his music was talking to me. I wanted this sound to be the beginning of something I will create with my friends. Talking about friends, or I should even say broZeur, Philippe Zdar gave me a DAT and told me to choose a beat to complete this ED001. I found 'F.I.S.T' an atmospheric and repetitive electro symphony lost in the middle of hundreds of loops and beats from our big brother. A Bass Day was his solo moniker, later Philippe will even catch the mic, you should check this out. This EP means a lot to me. Mr Flash didn't know he will be the sparkle that helped me to start something alongside my Daft Punk life. I'm sure Zdar knew he was giving me strength to launch my own project. Important fact, Zdar called me in 2001 to let me know an empty shop was for rent front of his flat in Montmartre. 20 years later we're still here, in this same office, trying to spread positive energy with our music" --Pedro Winter