Open Wide

CC 005CD CC 005CD

This is San Francisco producer Dave Aju's debut full-length release, including a bonus remix by Luciano. After three amazing EPs on Circus Company, including the underground hit "Be Like The Sun," he has really outdone himself this time with his most conceptual and personal, yet accessible work to date. The album was made entirely with sounds from his mouth, but it's no novelty affair -- these are all wonderful pieces of music, covering a variety of styles. "Roundabout" starts things off with fat, shuffling drums, an infectious bass line, and a vocal refrain that builds into a "horn-section" crescendo -- straight from Chicago via Aju's mouth. "Bump" is a fun and futuristic approach to hip-hop storytelling with a "bumpity-bump" bass. "Crazy Place" is an homage to disco, pop, and wave styles, but Aju's version takes it to the next level -- pulsing LFOs, "live" mouth percussion, and a chorus and breakdown guaranteed to melt hearts and dancefloors worldwide. Next up is "First Love," a super-deep and soulful house track with spoken word connecting Aju's personal music history, referencing song titles up to this moment -- pure class. "Tapatio" shifts back to his raw party side with huge sub-bass, sick bleepy synth hits, and playful vocal cut-ups. The title track follows, bringing a crazy broken reggaeton-style groove, complete with clattering teeth percussion, squeaky funk synth riffs, and a dark and lovely chorus. "Anyway" is Aju's take on an uplifting house music anthem, recalling Lil'Louis with Sun Ra Arkestra vocals. "With You" closes the album on a slow and sweet note, bubbling over with smooth synths, warm bass, and some of the most tasteful vocoder work around, on a 21st century Roger and Zapp love tip. Open Wide, friends -- Dave Aju has arrived.