Extensions of Yesterday

CC 012CD CC 012CD

In his years of service to the groove, Franck Roger has evolved slowly and calmly, staying true to his fundamental sound without ever resting for too long. From his allegiance with Real Tone Records to commissions from such legends as Masters At Work, Franck has represented that most dependable and humble of talents; never following the hype or tapping into overused approaches in a genre that has been operating for more than 30 years. In all this time, Franck has only ever delivered one previous album, and so Circus Company is pleased to bring a seriously overdue album to light that embraces the classicism of true house music while writing a new chapter in his on-going story. For sure, there are moments of heart-warming familiarity on Extensions of Yesterday, and this is no more apparent than in the soulful croon of Franck's long-standing vocalist of choice, Mandel Turner, on centerpiece track "Sands of Time." With a punchy, feel-good energy, the track explores the very idea the title of the album points to. There is an abundance of passion and pride for the good old days, but this is about bringing that feeling forwards rather than trying to go back to it. Away from these more flamboyant moments, the album moves into more searching, adventurous tones. There is a hypnotic, dubby sensibility to a lot of the tracks, as luxurious chords echo around unmistakable Roger percussion. You can just as easily find yourself roused by soaring techno visions full of empowering melodies, or subconsciously slide down into smoked-out boogie for the 21st century. While all around him young upstarts attempt to define their sound through the achievements of their forefathers, Franck Roger strides with a maturity that can only come from one who has already done yesterday and now looks to the next logical step.