1-2 Weeks

DC 718CD DC 718CD

Released in 2018. "The CD box set called Rebajas is a seven-disc, six-hour and 42-minute second time around through the Bitchin Bajas catalog to date, including all 11 of their solo releases: eight albums and the Bajas sides of three split records! None of these records have previously been released on CD. The music on the Rebajas box represents the dawn and early pleastoric period of Bitchin Bajas. In the time of their conception, none of these releases were issued on anything other than vinyl. Now, there's finally enough material to make a really deep listening experience, all put together! The limitless vast that Bitchin Bajas music implies even in its smallest sampling is well-served by a multi-disc set. From the beginning, Bitchin Bajas have made music to enhance the moment they and you are sharing, and details above and beyond that have been relatively unimportant. In the time since then, they've gone from a one-person band to a duo, then a trio. That information, plus the recording and original release details, the additional personnel and the original jacket, label and insert artwork for all the releases is included here, along with a few schematic details, to provide a true overview into the parameters of their world. What's more, additional information can be heard in the material in its transferred-for-CD form, which has corrected inadequacies in several of the original pressings. Plus, all the Bitchin Bajas material can now be heard without any surface noise! So too ends the first Bajaian epoch -- when the band returns with new music, it will be moving away from even the most recent material on Rebajas, released earlier this year. Moving, always flowing -- but with Rebajas, the whole Bitchin Bajas thing to date is captured in the unending amber of digital sound."