Leave Out of Babylon

DG 81108CD DG 81108CD

"He is one of the most outstanding voices that Jamaica has ever produced, yet Sugar Minott is much more than just a singer. As a harmony specialist, he leant depth and texture to the works of many fellow artists and his song writing ability has been noted as unswervingly excellent. He was part of the Studio One renaissance of the late 1970s, helped usher in the lover's rock craze in the early 1980s and then become one of the leading dancehall figures; as proprietor of the Black Roots and Youth Promotion stables, he nurtured young unknowns and cut self-produced work of a consistently high standard. In the incredibly rich history of reggae music, Sugar Minott is simply exceptional. This new album Leave Out of Babylon, perhaps the most roots-oriented set he's released in the last twenty years, was recorded at Zenah studio in Montreuil on the outskirts of Paris with a group of committed local musicians steeped in the consciousness of Rastafari. Zenah's studio is analogue and they favour live recordings, bringing the quality of the past to a sound that is always facing forward. Their approach forms a perfect platform for Sugar's versatility, so the result is highly inspiring. Overall, this album is a testament to the lasting quality of Sugar's unique voice and his powerfully poetic command of the word. These are pertinent works that speak of what's happening today, making it another great set in the ever-growing canon of Lincoln Sugar Minott."