Spiritual Church Movement


Perispirit is the duo of Ricardo Donoso and Luke Moldof and they have been haunting the Northeast of the United States for a couple of years now. After a slew of releases on Prurient's Hospital Productions label and Ricardo's own Semata Productions, Spiritual Church Movement has Perispirit taking an unexpected turn as they unleash their most cohesive and accomplished work to date. Spiritual Church Movement is the sound of two worlds colliding and forming something entirely new in the aftermath. In this case, digital and analog systems are turned against each other. Moldof's analog source material was blitzed and manipulated while Donoso worked his sorcery via digital matrix, showing that both approaches can win the prize. Squalid sonic debris spill out and melt together with beats that are barely there and melodic shrapnel to create this weirdly compelling, utterly disjointed composition. And if you thought Moldof and Donoso were concerned about expectations, Spiritual Church Movement is proof it was the last thing on their minds. Synthesizers are mauled by digital processes, battered down to bare bones, turning passages of melody into disease-stricken organisms paired with fractured, plodding rhythms, at times sounding like Autechre attempting to make a noise record: it's well and truly fucked. The expertise with which everything is constructed, though, is what makes these pieces excel. Everything is where it should be and the combination is almost religious in its attention to detail. But before the duo gets too close to the sun, everything is burned to the ground and the process starts over. Just when you think you have it figured it out, Spiritual Church Movement is off on another disfigured tangent. Over the course of these two sprawling sides, the cult of Perispirit is born. Ricardo Donoso and Luke Moldof carry with them the conviction that anything is possible and nothing is out of bounds. Spiritual Church Movement is their manifesto. Mastered by Brad Rose and cut to vinyl at Dubplates + Mastering, Berlin. Limited to 500 copies only.