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Dactah Chando is back on Echo Beach. His first album, Clara (EB 084CD) which was produced by Guido Craveiro (who also worked with Seeed, Dellé, The Police in Dub), received extensive airplay and featured heavily on the playlists of Funkhaus Europa, N-Joy, and WDR 1 amongst others. Chando masterfully combined salsa muffin and international, high-class reggae with a generous helping of pop and his own distinctive Canario style. The album Sabiduria (trans. "Wisdom") sees Dactah Chando again electrifying listeners with his striking and authentic vocal style. His voice captivates with its endless positive energy and the lively, colorful stories he tells. As a vocalist and musician Chando plays a key role in the local scene on Tenerife: sometimes he MCs for local sound systems, sometimes he sings with the band Binghiman, who are also the backing band for Brinsley Forde. At the Wailers' concerts on the Canary Islands he performs on percussion. The foundation stone was laid by the premier Spanish roots producer, Roberto Sanchez from Santander. The basic tracks were mainly produced by Rob Smith from Bristol (who was the producer of the first Massive Attack EP, early Neneh Cherry albums and his own house band, Smith & Mighty). Also involved in production was Guido Craveiro. Rob Smith from Bristol/UK is synonymous with progressive modern dancefloor-oriented reggae in all shapes and facets (dubstep, jungle dub, roots dub and drum'n'bass). He is renowned for imaginative, lush production; on the new album he takes Chando in a different direction, and as a result the artist sounds more dynamic. The tracks that were produced with Guido Craveiro are more romantic, but slightly less sedate than previous songs. Craveiro brings all his experience as a successful reggae pop producer (he recently moved into the Seeed production pool and is also the band's live keyboarder as a stand-in for Dubmaster Reibold). He arranges delicate structures, conjures up magnificent castles of enchanting bass trips with a splash of dancehall feeling. Towards the end of the album, Rob Smith and Guido Craveiro remix each other, reaching unheard heights. And that is where Umberto Echo steps in as the fourth producer with his rootsy production of "Yo" to bring the album back to base in a harmonious finale. Chando quite deliberately selected different, congenial partners and producers. Some might be concerned that working with four producers would give the album a fragmented quality, but it is a refreshing, varied album that drives and inspires its listeners with incredible energy and power.