The Police in Dub (Re-Synchronized by Rob Smith a.k.a. RSD)

EB 104CD EB 104CD

In the late '70s, The Police were the biggest band in Britain; by the early '80s they ruled the globe as a three-headed, bleached-blond monster of rock, surfing a new wave sound which valued intellectual cool and lightly-sprinkled ethnic influences over the discredited rock'n'roll bluster of old. The first post-punk supergroup. A constructive arrogance and a very lucky streak. At the end of 1977, over the Christmas period, Stewart Copeland played Sting some of his reggae records. When Summers returned to Britain from his vacation in America, he found his bandmates newly-inspired by Jamaican sounds. The rest we all know is history! It's 23 years later -- in 2008 -- and everybody knows what's going on with The Police: they reformed and went back out on tour. Another key event -- also 23 years later -- is the release of a project which had been simmering for quite some time: The Police in Dub (EB 067CD), also released in 2008. One of the international bestsellers on the Echo Beach label, The Police in Dub included dub versions of The Police's biggest tunes. Another six years later, Rob Smith took the original Police in Dub material for an overhaul. Smith is also known as RSD or better-known as a producer from Bristol (he is synonymous with progressive modern dancefloor-oriented reggae in all shapes and facets: dubstep, jungle dub, roots dub and drum'n'bass) who produced the first Massive Attack EP, early Neneh Cherry material and also his own house band, Smith & Mighty). He also remixed tons of pop tracks for artists such as M People, Beats International, Fine Young Cannibals, etc. Rob Smith is renowned for imaginative production and made it his task to re-synchronization DubXanne's Police in Dub material. On this release he has focused in a very sensitive way to rework and re-style the original material and Echo Beach are really proud to release this album.