The Message

EB 116CD EB 116CD

Tackhead, the legendary dub-funk-rock institution. Robo Bass Hifi and Fats Comet, the legendary industrial hip-hop project behind Tackhead and their alter ego. They were and still are known for producing dance tracks that were densely layered in samples and ahead of their time. Robo Bass Hifi lives and breathes a tight combination of jungle, dub, dubstep, space and irregular pop. His electro reggae flavor (call it - nu school) influenced drenched in bass music and is mighty in all its facets. Markus Kammann aka Robo Bass Hifi stringently sticks to his path. After submitting remixes to the three musketeers of German pop (Seeed, Fettes Brot, Jan Delay), he also led the reggae legend Lee Scratch Perry into the dark room and has shaken things up on the release Nu School Of Dub. David Lynch and Ari Up bring a breath of Jean Michel Jarre pop and captivate the master of the deep, thick bass. This is what German press has to say about Robo Bass Hifi: A hybrid sort of sound, which occupies the mid-field between Major Lazer and jungle, interspersed with breaks (filled with reggae off-beats). A high-energy work stuffed to the brim with crazy ideas. If you're not in a state of ecstasy and are capable of listening consciously to this musical fireworks display, then you'll be amazed at the endless different layers of sounds in these tracks, which take turns in sitting at the top of the dub mixes. Tackhead and Fats Comet recorded the originals on the upcoming The Message album - Robo Bass Hifi has taken them to a deeper level. With this exceptionally fine release, Echo Beach welcomes the spring with the warm throb of a deep bass.