When Angels Speak of Love

ECD 22216 ECD 22216

"Evidence Music returns with a highly-anticipated series of five CD packages, including a 2-CD box of unreleased albums, by Sun Ra, the colorful jazz bandleader whose association with interplanetary travel, ancient Egypt, and big band and electronic keyboard innovation made him one of the 20th Century's most influential and eccentric musical icons. Evidence has been working on the series for four years -- since issuing its award-winning Sun Ra compilation The Singles in 1996. All but Lanquidity emanate from Sun Ra's own label, El Saturn Records. All packages contain extensive liner notes, historical documentation and photographs. Easily one of the oddest personalities in the history of jazz, the bandleader, composer and keyboardist known as Sun Ra claimed to be an extraterrestrial from the planet Saturn. Actually born Herman 'Sonny' Blount in Birmingham, Alabama in 1914, he studied music at Alabama A&M University and became a big-band leader in his home town. Eventually, he moved to Chicago where he would write arrangements for Fletcher Henderson, change his name to Le Sony'r Ra, and start his first 'Arkestra' with saxophonists and band members-for-life John Gilmore, Marshall Allen and Pat Patrick. In the mid and late '50s, he prolifically recorded 45s and LPs for his own Saturn label, even accompanying and writing arrangements for doo-wop groups. His earliest albums were for Transition Records and later Delmark Records in 1957. In 1961, he moved to New York where he continued to record for El Saturn and the indie ESP-Disk label. Sun Ra continued his extensive concert date schedule into the early '90s, and even got as far as signing with A&M Records. He left this planet on May 30, 1993, but his music remains an ongoing source of wonderment and inspiration for all who discover it, as it was for musicians as diverse as George Clinton, Sonic Youth and Phish. Thanks to Evidence Music's reissue program -- five important new CDs in addition to 16 earlier reissues -- his most important music continues to become available for future generations.This album, When Angels Speak of Love, originally recorded in 1963 and released in 1966, is the rarest of Sun Ra's self-released albums on his own El Saturn label. Only a handful of the original pressing still remain. The album was recorded during Sun Ra's New York residency. Considered by many to be his richest period. This reissue preserves what has been a lost artifact from the 'New Thing' revolution in jazz in New York City's Greenwich Village in the mid-60s."