Golden Circle Afternoon


"'Here back in Buenos Aires after more than three months touring... so nice to slow down and relax a bit.' Those were the first words coming from an email from Anla after another long tour around Europe but there had been many other tours.
Day 10. After a long train delay in Mannheim we were confused and exhausted and not remembering where the next destination would be. Mannheim had only offered a hard floor as bed and no sheets, and this is in the middle of winter time. Of course, this experience gave us the idea that we should or more precisely MUST do a record together, and the concept would be: Travelling. Like an audio travel guide. Plus, we are all big fans of the Travelling Wilburys. We thought this idea to be one of the best ones on this tour so far. In the train we were listening to Future Days by Can.
Day 4. Moving backwards a bit here. We caught Anla working on recordings in his hotel room. This was in Stockholm and one of the better paid gigs, with hotel rooms for all of us. Anla was interested in the sound coming from the theater in the bathroom. So he started recording its sound using a Dictaphone. It sounded really interesting and was made into a long fade at that night's gig in Stockholm. You can hear that same sound on the record.
Day 6: Copenhagen: Here traditional town flavors, located bookstores can be found all around. 'Beer capital town,' some might say. Weather was not on our side and the trip took close to 12 hours but was all worth it. I think it was Siggi saying something along the lines of: 'Expensive but worth it!' Helgi also remembered that time in the late '90s when touring with Reynols. Back then we did gigs with small card paper boxes as main sound source.
Day 8: The Keukenhof Gardens, Leiden, Holland. We decided to invite some local musicians to the bar, as we had a few days off, and we took advantage of doing a few outtakes. Some of it appears on this record but we can't tell you where, as the track listing got mixed-up by the recording engineers."