Friends Forever

EZ 025CD EZ 025CD

"Magas is James Marlon Magas. His new album Friends Forever proves he is an unstoppable force in today's underground music scene. This new album is....electronic, it's rock, it's no wave. It's great driving music, and great dancing music. Who cares what you call it. It's simply great music. Listen to this 11 song album, and get ready to be revived. The beats are thick. The synths are vindictive. And the vocals will send shivers up your spine. Unlike many musicians, Magas gives to the music community in two unique ways. First, with his up-tempo minimalist songs, racing towards annihilation. And second, running the influential record store Weekend Records & Soap (Chicago) with his wife Bridgette Wilson. Magas is that unique individual who can simultaneously operate a successful specialty record shop and still create music that is uncontaminated by the hordes of records that move through his shop each week. He uses his knowledge of record releases to create a sound that is both fresh and educated. Magas has always been on the outside of any one style or genre since his beginnings in music, from Couch to Lake Of Dracula and The Many Moods of Marlon Magas. Friends Forever is the follow up to the ground-breaking 12? EP Bad Blood on Ersatz Audio last year. As with Bad Blood, Magas once again employed the co-production assistance of Adam Lee Miller of Adult., and together they produced another fantastic album that will surely stir the waters."