Cling Clang For Funk Monkeys


Ethno-alternative lo-fi absurdism from the mind of London based multi-instrumentalist and Primordial Soup member, Samuel Huxley. Expect everything from Hindu ceremonial music to dark lounge, post-punk, and avant-garde, to Kabuki theater score and world electronica, any number of which can be found within a single track. The Romance of Baba Loco is the union of wisdom and madness, eastern mysticism and western folly, absurdism to catch you with yer pantaloons down... The Romance of Baba Loco is the latest iteration of a recording project by Samuel Huxley that originally made ambient soundscapes for psychotropics. In 2017, Samuel was curating infamous venue and scene of a multitude of glories and horrors, The Five Bells in New Cross, SE London. One of his first acts to play was Primordial Soup, at that time a three-piece absurdist art rock band. They quickly became friends and began performing semi-improv shows as a five-piece, and later went on to form Primordial Soup Collective whose main focus was esoteric experimental theater and film, and rare multidisciplinary exhibitions. This changing focus of Soup away from sound provoked Samuel to channel his musical compulsions in to his solo project which had by then ventured far away from ambient soundscapes to shrieking Indian and Moroccan oboes over African and Indian tribal rhythms, with the desire to create the raw lo-fi atmospheres of street music. Gradually guitar styles of South East Asia and Latin America were introduced, leading to backing track solo performances and outrageous live improv freakouts with Craig Deporto (ex-Flamingods) and Luke Bell (Ex-Wild Birds of Britain). Finally, two days before the glorious pandemic lockdown, Samuel signed to Faith & Industry, which birthed new moniker The Romance of Baba Loco and three months-worth of ceaseless creation. From the Hindu Ceremonial music of the Shehnai and Nadaswaram to post-punk, absurdism, and experimental art, the Romance of Baba Loco finally united two seemingly dissonant sides of his personality in a manner he had not previously achieved. The old material was cast off, and these peculiar fruits of imprisonment, can be found on his first release, Cling Clang For Funk Monkeys. Experimental post-punk exotica for fans of Sun City Girls, Sunburned Hand of Man, Meridian Brothers.