German producer Markus Suckut has built quite a following, thanks to his distinctive, raw and reduced modern techno sound. After several singles on the label, Markus now announces his debut full length, DNA. Rather prolific with his output of 12''s and remixes, Suckut's previous releases on Figure stood out, really developing his command of intensely-focused and powerful kick drums. A true follower and advocate of the more refined side of club techno, he has recently set up his own SCKT label, and travels more and more as a DJ. DNA now goes even further in making a statement on his sound. There's something of the classic German minimal techno lifeblood flowing through this album, and over 11 tracks we are guided through very precise, tense and effective exercises in basement techno minimalism. From the moody synths of "Path," a fitting intro to the album, we are then dropped head-first into "Dissociation," where only a handful of elements resting on a weighty kick drum build a certain sci-fi tension. This tension is maintained over the course of the whole album. Heading into more trippy zones, "Dust" and the acidic jack of "Rigid" both demonstrate Suckut's skills at telling a story with a very strict economy of elements. As paranoid tension establishes itself as a major theme further still, "Shatter" unfolds in a dreamy, if not rather apocalyptic dub track of the highest order. "Doomed" presents a brief respite from the tunneling bass frequencies, as serene synths float across a smoky backdrop, but then it's back to business as "Stranger" takes us deeper into the fog with its tripping beauty. The more aggressive thump of "Vibrant," with its urgent synth voices and dramatic arrangement are pure Suckut -- taught, carefully executed and intoxicating on the dancefloor. We are then guided into a more heady, psychedelic mood with "Remains," before the true dub of "Places" eases us down, working glorious space between the groove. Finally the last stand arrives in the form of "Mirage," where an undulating acid line and freakishly-timed percussion shake and rattle around a wonderfully submerged throb. Markus Suckut shows us his true colors and talents with DNA - a very focused, mature and honest portrayal of his take on techno for 2013 and beyond.