Oving EP

FP 007LP FP 007LP

"At the time of releasing my debut album I was quite happy to handle the instruments myself, though I do consider myself a jack of all trades, master of none. So the idea came to me slowly over time, how about putting a proper band together and jam just like in the old days. I could of course have gone the obvious route of selecting amazingly skilled players, and don't misunderstand me... some of them are. But more importantly I wanted the band to be less a 'hired skills' one, more of a 'merry band of pranksters' one. So after no auditions, we did our first band practice in January 2011 consisting of me, some family members, some of their friends and some of my friends. Under these covers I can proudly say one of them has even played with A-Ha and one of them plays in a band called Crazy Whores. There was little time to come up with new tracks, so what we had to work with would be my own back catalog. 'Slangemusikk,' 'Uggebugg' and 'Sauerkraut' from my debut album where reworked into 'Snake Music,' 'Hamar Bluesklubb' and 'Surkål.' As a bonus, we reworked my previous 12"-only track 'Morfar' into 'Arild Moen.' After one live concert in our home town of Oslo on February 17, 2011 we had nailed a repertoire consisting of the four tracks you'll hear on this record. As there was little time to widen our repertoire and as we also had to learn a couple of new numbers for a forthcoming festival gig in Oslo, we set about recording what we had so far. Mastered by Chris Sansom of Propeller." --Prins Thomas, Asker, 28th of August 2012