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2014 release. Baba Sissoko is one of the best artists to come out of Mali. Born in 1963 in the capital city Bamako, Sissoko is a poet and singer of the griot tradition and a talented multi-instrumentalist of international fame. He is a missionary to a certain degree, his music a key element in the discovery of the origins of the blues. During his career he met several black icons, like singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, who he wrote the song "Red Earth" for. The meeting with Famoundou Don Moyè and the Art Ensemble Of Chicago was pivotal in trading the "amadran" (the true original form of the blues) with jazz. Just check the two albums Bamako Chicago Express (2002) and Reunion (2003). Further on he met more iconic artists as Youssou N'Dour, Oumou Sangare and the Buena Vista Social Club crew. From 1998 on, Baba has chosen Italy - Calabria in the end - as a proper hometown, while still traveling all around the globe. Tchiwara is necessarily urgent, it shares the same electricity of western rock, an appropriate tendency behind extended jams. With new crew members Angelo Napoli (electric guitar), Dario Triestino (electric bass) and Roberto Coscia (drums), Baba is free to dialogue between the roots of Afro-blues and the most recent hybrid of ethno-jazz-rock. Leading with a solid touch a large ensemble of co-operators - family members Djana Rosa (voice and chorus), Giulia Sokona (violin), and Roberto Madou (keyboards, drums, percussion) - Baba is the harmonic key behind the compositions. He plays traditional instruments such as ngoni, tamani, doun doun, karahnan, kamalengoni, djembe and calebasse, alongside acoustic guitar and bass. Tchiwara is easily one of his most daring works yet, leading the way to bring the African forerunners to their contemporary western followers.