International Deejay Gigolos CD Twelve


This is the 12th installment in DJ Hell's much lauded and highly-anticipated annual selection of material from Gigolo artists, new and old. Thirty-one tracks, 17 exclusive and unreleased, 3 CDs, this is CD Twelve. This year, Hell has two themes, one is house music and the other is Vienna, both of which have contributed dramatically to the output from both DJ Hell and International Deejay Gigolo Records. The most obvious evidence for this statement is the critically and commercially successful Teufelswerk album from Hell. Mostly produced in Vienna by Hell and Peter Kruder, Christian Prommer and Roberto Di Gioia, the album reflects Hell's history and affinity with electronic music, providing some of the most memorable house moments of recent times and a lot of the label's output. Christian and Hell soon identified an affinity with each other's sound and chose to collaborate more on both co-productions and remixes. On CD Twelve you will find one of their first outings, which is Hell's remix of Peaches. As yet only released as a 12", this monster remix is one of 17 exclusive tracks on CD Twelve. Other artists that feature on this compilation include Makossa And Megablast, who presented a sublime 12" for Gigolo in 2009 and have returned with "Soy Como Soy" (feat. Cleydys Villalon). Three new talents Skwerl, Ken Haywakawa and Crazy Sonic present their debut releases for Gigolo, and Diskokaine presents an unreleased SkatebÄrd remix of "Hall Of Shame." Kick-starting the compilation is David Keno's cover of Chic's "Upside Down" which is a statement in itself. Known more for his "big-on-the-blogs" alter ego Riva Starr, this cover is not only much more reserved in its sound, but it is undoubtedly a potential house classic. Following immediately with a classic house sound is DJ Linus' "Are You Ready?," already a firm favorite. Next up is the infamous, and until-now impossible-to-get-a-hold-of Soulwax re-edit of Walter Murphy's "A Fifth Of Beethoven." For those in the know, this has been a staple of many DJs across the world since its original form in the '70s, based around one of Vienna's most important musical exports. The 2nd CD kicks off with Nick Coleman's "This City I Love," a firm favorite with DJs everywhere, and G Man vs. Kusserow presents some straight-up house music. On the 3rd CD, we find the track "House Music" by Kikumoto Allstars, which was featured heavily on BBC Radio 1, as well as Hard Ton's "Forever No More." CD Twelve is one of Gigolo's most ambitious compilations to date, sculpted around a concept that will most certainly continue to shape the label's incredible future. Other artists include: Fagget Fairys, Snuff Crew, Psychonauts, Sam Lynham, Naum Gabo, Axel Boman, Oliver Ton and Ronald Christoph, Uemit Uergen, Vinyl Life, UHU, Ivano Coppola, Sei A, Herman Schwartz, Oliver Ton, Idvet, Tony Lionni, Bryan Ferry, Mugwump, Lenoir & Meriton, Henrik Schwarz, Anthony Rother, and Minitel Rose.