El Rumor del Oleaje


Edition of 500. Four-panel recycled card package with additional eight-page inlay featuring photography by Juan A. Romero and unique artwork and design by Sr. Gómez and Srta. Swallow.

"Each piece of this album unfolds his wander through the Spanish coast where the musician meticulously recorded the unique and familiar sound of the water -- sometimes in a bright, evanescent way; others as a hypnotic spell -- which he completed once in the studio with pianos and guitars in a delicate interpretation. During the field recordings by the sea, wandering the shores of his country, David Cordero was surely searching for the healing of contemplation and that's the reason why every piece has crystallized in its title the name and image of a place, like a snapshot of the moment when he pressed play and rec. Perhaps, the last sunshine on the rocks of Bermeo, on the sands of San Sebastián and Mundaka have dictated him these beautiful, delicate strokes of instrumentation to match with the waves. This album is an invitation to travel to the seashores and start the adventure of looking at the sea as if it were for the first time, surrendered to a lonely and magical fascination." --Federico Durand

"The record emerges as a wish of wellness, the feeling of being at peace with myself and isolation. All of us confront the sea in different ways, being that not all the waves are the same. That is the starting point of this work; to render through these songs the healing impact the waves have on me when I face them. That's why I went on board with my friend Juan A. Romero on a trip through different beaches between Bizkaia and Cadiz, searching water sounds that would broadcast the emotions and memories to immerse in them. These recordings have dates, hours, and specific tides. Each song is a beach, a story, a different wave. El Rumor del Oleaje is what you hear when you close your eyes and you can submerge in yourself. I hope you like it." --David Cordero

Nacho García: piano (1, 2, 3) and keyboards (4, 6); Niño de Elche: voice (1); Gustavo Domínguez: bass clarinet (2, 3, 5); Moisés Alcántara: French horn (2, 3, 5); Marco Serrato: double bass (2); Rafael Femiano: electric guitar (4).