On Your Own Again

IF 1017CD IF 1017CD

This is the debut album from César Urbina aka Cubenx. "Cubenx's music ... made an intoxicated first impression on me some months before when his demo tracks arrived at my doorstep. A couple of those tracks later appeared on his debut for my Static Discos imprint in 2008, The Cold Swells, a collection of music that was previously released on the Synergy Networks, Cyan and I Need It net-labels. One of the tracks was 'Glandula,' a passionate and epic techno track that caught the attention of Alexandre Cazac and Agoria during the pre-planning stages of InFiné, who immediately requested a full album. Cubenx's debut would have to wait, as only a couple of EPs (Glándula EP in 2007 and Can't Throw A StoneEP in 2008) on InFiné were the stop gaps before On Your Own Again could be completed some years later. But there was also a new factor that slowed down his recording process, as Cubenx was moving further away from producing dance music and wanting to focus on songwriting with real instruments and voices -- a task that has resulted in a fertile tapestry of electronic-based songs that may have more to do with English post-punk and shoegaze than with the British minimal techno he is most known for. While songs like 'Adrift At Sea,' 'Sierra Madre' and 'Lovebirds' retain Cubenx's lush sound design and carefully planned dynamics, they are spread out in a broader palette of songcrafting. Only 'Wait And See' sees Cubenx going back to his clubbing ways, a melodic and colorful banger that stands out when placed beside any classic Kompakt outing. The songs on On Your Own Again also retain a psychedelic taint that Cubenx links to his Mexicanity, especially on the acoustic fullness of 'Sueña Con Venados' and 'Mist Over The Lake,' where he wanted to evoke the ritualistic ambiance of a virtual Mexican desert. Or as the piano-based 'Grass' narrates, a psychoactive out-of-body experience under the effects of salvia divinorum -- a search for the inner non-spirituality much in tune with Latin American psychomagicians like Jodorowsky. This strong sentiment is explored further on 'Noir,' an atonal instrumental ambient piece filled with cosmic musings and psychedelia. On Your Own Again also marks Cubenx's first collaboration with Chicago musician and singer Alfredo Nogueira, a close associate of Telefon Tel Aviv, L'Altra and Apparat, on the song 'These Days.' Francisco Rosas of Flight Attendants, the downtempo duo he shares with Cubenx, co-wrote 'Sierra Madre' and laid some guitar licks on 'Sueña Con Venados.' On Your Own Again is Cubenx's coming-of-age album, where his creative impulses reach for his own true voice." --Ejival, Director of Static Discos