InBach Vol. 2

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LP version. Sharing his InBach album with the world in 2020 (IF 1056CD/LP) set events into motion that ultimately led to Arandel making second edition in the critically acclaimed, borderless project that unites rare instruments, musical re-imagination. Arandel unites once again behind the musical phrases of the Leipzig composer specialists of ancient and modern instruments (Thomas Bloch), modern synthesizers and Moogs, strings experts (Gaspar Claus), and the poetic spoken word of Myra Davies and Bridget St. John. The second InBach grew like a garden from the seeds of the first one -- an eclectic journey through melodic fantasies, intricate sound design and a certain pop silver lining. Some tracks were born out of Arandel's band performing on stage, experimenting with the songs live and composing them anew, like "Nos Contour", a new, French-lyrics version of "Bodyline" with Ornette, Arandel's stage partner. InBach Vol. 2 is a logical consequence then, of someone diving into a pool of music and history so large that it is being chronicled to this day. A substantial part of the instruments used on the lofty, eclectic album were recorded at the Musée de la Musique Paris: rare instruments like the Erard square piano, Ondioline, Zach's cello, Stroh violins. In the vein of rare instruments, the first guest musician Arandel approached for InBach was Thomas Bloch, who lends his gift to four tracks over the two albums, playing the Ondes Martenot, one of the first electronic musical instruments ever invented. Thomas has worked with many major artists in his career, like Radiohead, Gorillaz, Daft Punk. Freeing himself from the weighty shackles of expectation surrounding the classical maestro, Arandel goes for the core of every Bach piece he tackles, making them his own on "Octobre", based on "Air On G-String", from Orchestral Suite No. 3 D-dur, BWV 1068, his nephew tells a dreamlike story of an ominous gang of children, literally blossoming in the mud. "Fabula" -- featuring the French singer Scalde -- based on the melancholic, Christian lament "Meine Seele wartet auf den Herrn", becomes a grandiose, auto-tuned pop ballad featuring the virtuoso cello of fellow InFiné associate Gaspar Claus. The use of spoken word is another new layer to InBach, and acts a lyrical thread carrying the listener through In Bach Vol. 2: the closing track features Bridget St. John, John Peel-associated folk legend from the UK to offer to collaborate on a poem for this second volume.