This is the second album from UK-based Trunk Records label-head, Jonny Trunk. As one would expect from a lad from Trunk, Scrapbook is a curious, entertaining and quite bewildering mix of samples, piano, men with no throats, lesbians and a Japanese choir. It's kind of jazzy, hip-hoppy, filmic, and borders on novelty once in a while. And there's a rock bit on there too. As Jonny Trunk himself explains: "This album has all come about through impatience. Over the last seven years I have tinkered and diddled with music in my bedroom, my office and my head. The 20 tracks on this album are the ones that are still just about alive and represent the scraps of music I have dubbed off or that have not been trashed from my desktop. I don't really want to see them all die, so the only way to get them off my computer and out of my life is to issue them, and the only way I thought I could do it was under the umbrella excuse of a musical scrapbook. It will become obvious quite fast that many of the tracks are indeed scraps, sketches or unfinished business. But getting tracks completed is the hardest bit about making music, if you ask me, it takes ages to finish things sometimes, and ages is really not what I have. So I thought it best to get it all out as it is. I actually think this is alright and acceptable these days -- our attention spans have diminished, we are more used to sound bites, shorter cues, weird little things. The other nearly noteworthy point is that rather that sit around and deliberate for hours, days, weeks or months about which track should follow which track, I've simply compiled them all alphabetically, which was dead easy. It took about ten seconds. And I have only stuck with working titles for the tracks, too." Equipment used: an EMU E5000 Ultra, an old Beocenter 1800, Logic 4.7 on an Apple G3, a Yamaha P90 electric piano and a small Mackie mixer.