5 Minutes To Match

KK 017CD KK 017CD

"Sometimes it can be very difficult to say something about a work of music, even if you feel at home with it immediately. With Roman's debut 5 Minutes To Match, this is the case. Certainly, countless possible references spring to mind to describe what you hear. Vocals, arrangements, melodies and lyrics may remind one of the pop music of someone like Kid Montana or Aztec Camera. But what do you say when you find out that the person who made this music has just nothing in common anymore with the references we could possibly establish and that everyday history has placed him somewhere else completely? How do you proceed when it becomes clear that his music does not connect to those references from your own past and the seemingly detectable comparisons are nothing more than an awkward sheet anchor to put into words what you hear because we simply have forgotten how to see music as what it actually is, namely an accumulation of sounds brought to life by someone who tells a new and personal story through it? Roman's lyrics tell stories -- beautiful, short, long, strange, funny, and sometimes a little sad; and with his music he brings them to life for all of us; so much so that you sometimes even catch yourself singing along to the tracks. Rarely can this be said about music nowadays -- though at the same time it's one of the nicest qualities of pop music to obliterate for a brief moment the memory of your many, constantly repeated connections and references."