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Back in 2007, a track titled "Mini Man" was released by an 18 year-old artist named Alex Dimou. The title might have been the best one to describe the person behind the track -- the mini-man, a kid with a passion and will to demand a place in the grown-up's world. And he made it. In 2009 his first full-length album was released through Klik Records -- One of Us, One of Them was the complete package for lovers of electronic music. From its clubby moments, cinematic trips and indie aesthetics, everything told a story in the most beautiful and tidy way, especially considering his young age. His career from then on could be nothing less than upward. Having a total feel for electronic music's trends, his remixes and edits always manage to be up-to-date and always place in the playlists of the world's best DJs. With appearances from Berlin to Cairo to the Ministry of Sound's main room and WMC's closing party in Miami on a weekly schedule, to releases on Plastic City, Parquet Recordings, Mangali, Funk Farm, Rhythmetic, Kitsuné, Quantized Music, and Elite Records establish Alex Dimou among the world's best producers. Influenced by his Berlin days and from everything that happened after his first release, Halemweg carries the air and rhythm of the cities where it was written, the energy of those that he worked with, the intensity of the parties and the loneliness of travel. Halemweg has clear house roots. Alex Dimou alternates the sound of Chicago and Detroit, offering a European touch and evoking a dark, awe-inspiring atmosphere. He brings back nu disco's lost glamour in a new form that will sneak into the club's speakers not just for a night, but for years. Features an appearance on two tracks from Lee Burton.