Immer 2


2012 repress. Michael Mayer is the archangel of the minimal house scene. Since arriving from Germany's famous Black Forest to the near-utopia of Köln, he has become one of the world's most respected and revered DJs. His climbing, arcing sets have established his Kompakt label and its sleek style as The Sound of modern club music -- his first mix CD for Kompakt, Immer ("Always"; KOMP 015CD) was met with triumphant exuberance ("A luxuriant digital bubble bath of envelopingly rounded beats." 5/5 stars and his contribution to the esteemed Fabric mix CD series was hailed as a benchmark of the series ("Soundtrack of the new European techno." --XLR8R Best Of 100 Issues) and now comes Immer 2. Mr. Mayer took a full year to select and perfect the sequence, which stars 12 of his most essential selections. The result is a journey on the Trans Atlantian Express, a dance floor fully immersed in heavy bliss, a manifesto for the new international deep techno sound. From the static heaven of Philadelphia's Someone Else, we are plunged directly into a new-motorik beat: Ian Simmonds (UK), Brooks and Frank West take us to Crowdpleaser and St. Plomb's revered "18 Years." Justus Köhncke's Boz Scaggs tribute leads towards the sun and Todd Terje's epic take on Lindstrøm's "Another Station." Then K2's The Rice Twins (Stockholm) and Kompakt's own SCSI-9 (Russia) welcomes us back to the Martian disco. Mayer's mixing of Canadian nano-trance hero Jesse Somfay into Norway's DK7 is micororgasmic. But the submarine comes to a long slow stop via the under-appreciated strains of Geiger, assisted via Mayer and his good friend Aksel Schaufler (Superpitcher) as Supermayer. Michael Mayer has been preparing and studying his technique and his selections for months, and he comes through with an intimate yet majestic mix which surpasses genre-definition. Immer 2 is not for those with a history of heart trouble. Immer 2 will not be stale in 5 years. Immer 2 knows not of genre or subgenres. Immer 2 is somehow a new kind of mix. Immer 2 is not for the crowd. Immer 2 is for you.