Feeling Strange


This is Paris-based Jennifer Cardini's first mix CD in 3 years and her Kompakt debut -- the first female artist to appear on the Kompakt label. Cardini has been a long time friend and Kompakt's French connection and is one of the most open-minded and music-loving members of the techno community. Jennifer's history includes a stint in the avant-garde electro punk duo Pussy Killers before DJing put her on the map. As a resident at The Rex, she began to connect the dots between the new German techno sound, the output from Cologne's new wave of dance music influenced by Kompakt, and the elegance of French dancefloor sounds. But it was together with Fany and Chloé (both of Kill The DJ fame) at Pulp where they would spearhead a movement that would go on to become a major force behind reinvigorating Paris' club scene and thus making Jennifer one of the most important female DJs to emerge. Keeping a deep connection to the lesbian community and an unwillingness to buckle to musical trends and niches, Jennifer has continued to turn thousands of new faces onto music. In the studio, she keeps busy with releases on Crosstown Rebels, Mobile, Kill The DJ and Output, amongst others. With Feeling Strange, Jennifer brings forth one of the most personal mixes to have ever been released on Kompakt. Seamlessly connecting some of yesterday and today's finest tunes, Jennifer follows a long tradition of Kompakt DJ mixes with little concern for what is only as newly produced as possible, but opting to follow her deep connection with her favorite songs and how they work together. The result is a vast variety of classic tracks and new music that show the specialness of Cardini's ear. Featuring Robert Lippock's gorgeous take on Static to a rare inclusion of Maurizio/Basic Channel's brightest moment, Matthew Dear's False alias and the soothing indie-pop of Apparat, Jennifer exceeds expectations and showcases her talent as one of the world's most gifted DJs. Other artists include: Rework, Chloé, Adam Kroll, Joeski, Lawrence, Daniel Stefanik, Jamie Lloyd, Quarion, Soha, Johnny D, Khan, Kaos, The Hacker & Eric Borgo, Mike Dunn, Compuphonic & Kolombo, Florence Eevo, Peter Ford, Alex Smoke, Onur Özer, Reinhard Voigt, Principles Of Geometry and Lusine.