Until the End of Time


Kompakt proudly presents a new full-length from Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito called Until the End of Time that sees the artist crafting a deeply personal narrative in line with his earlier works while carving out the timeless qualities of his trademark sound to interlock with today's floor gusto. Kaito's work always had a dreamy quality to it that set the producer apart from his contemporaries, but it certainly would be wrong to assume the new material to be a living room experience only. Since his very first Kompakt release Beautiful Day from 2001, Hiroshi Watanabe's tectonic trance antics featured a strong beat foundation that keeps those swirling soundscapes firmly floor-bound. The tracks from Until the End of Time are no different, starting with "Sky Is the Limit," an enticingly grooving trip to heady heights revealing an ethereal landscape. The doors of perception are further opened with "I'm Leaving Home," "Will to Live," and "Run Through the Road in the Fog," which establish a heartfelt coming-of-age story already by their titles. Private everyday life has always been a major source of inspiration for Hiroshi, who used to showcase pictures of his son on his record covers, thus creating a deeply personal timeline of human growth. This has changed, however, with the cover of the new album, delving into the abstract imagery of meshing clouds, therefore reinforcing the universal, soul-dilating qualities of tracks like "Behind My Life," "Inner Space," and "Star of Snow." The album's closing chapter, an alluringly intimate triplet of pieces featuring "Dear Friends," title-track "Until the End of Time," and "Smile," goes for a more introspective mood by curbing the overall tempo to a meditative jog, wrapping the listener in cozy pads and twinkling fragments of an acoustic guitar. It is a perfectly befitting victory lap for a uniquely wholesome and profoundly life-affirming body of work that leaves you in a state of merry meditation. There's always asking for more, sure, but rarely has an album delivered on so many levels, providing an experience that is highly satisfying both spiritually and physically. Kaito might just have outdone himself this time around.