Returning to the full-length format after their acclaimed 2012 album Hotel Amour (KOMP 095CD/KOM 248LP), open band project Terranova (aka DJ/producer duo Fetisch and &ME) presents Restless, a finely tuned succession of excitingly straightforward house bangers, a brilliant study in gravitational pull, and a smooth blend of instrumental and vocal tracks created with the help of old and new friends. Guests on Restless include Cath Coffey, Lydmor, Bon Homme, Stereo MCs, and Mandel Turner. Restless was recorded from November 2014 through January 2015 in Berlin bedrooms and mixed in Keinemusik's Wedding studio. Opener "Tell Me Why" wastes no time with elaborate countdowns or some ambient pad dragging-on; starting out with the characteristic vocals from Stereo MCs frontman Rob Birch, the track immediately cuts to the chase with its pronounced rhythm section and a simple but sturdy bass. NY house agent provocateur Mandel Turner makes an appearance on proto-futuristic strobe manifesto "Underverse," while singer Cath Coffey performs on uncanny valley national anthem "Twisted Souls," again deploying her unique brand of anarchist logotherapy after her appearance on Terranova's 2014 Headache EP (KOM 296EP). Bon Homme aka Tomas Høffding takes a stand on "Restless Summer," a top-notch reimagining of "Endless Summer" from the 2013 Painkiller EP (KOM 262EP) -- less campfire and more wormhole, his lyrics take on an urgency unheard in the parent track. He also appears on "Skin & Bones" in a flawless duet with partner in crime Lydmor. From the sequenced beauty of "Goldilocks" to the intuitive mayhem of "Watch Me," the album is a quest for the outer rim of club culture, looking for habitable exoplanets beyond the main floor. This is most clear on the appropriately named "Kepler 186f," both a tribute to NASA's iconic Kepler project and a thrilling amalgamation of pounding drums and sharp synth stabs. The CD version of this larger-than-terrestrial-life journey finds a suitable conclusion in "Uchū No Inu," translatable as "dog in space": it's Terranova's executive producer, driving force, and guest vocalist Rocco (the choc labrador) who takes center stage here, lending his lyrical musings to a highly energizing cut and wrapping up the riveting listening experience that is Restless. An ideal sonic companion for dancefloors, living rooms, and space pods alike. CD features two exclusive tracks: "Labrador" and "Uchū No Inu (feat. Roco)."