Skylax House Explosion


Eight years since A Short Introduction To The House Sounds Of Terre Thaemlitz (2010), and a long, fruitful relationship thereafter, DJ Sprinkles and Hardrock Striker begin a new project, teaming up as Skylax House Explosion (S.H.E.) A nod to Terre Thaemlitz's work as Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion (K-S.H.E.) that started in 2006, S.H.E. presents a compilation celebrating the run of Skylax Records which started in 2004 by DJ and producer Hardrock Striker. The two members of S.H.E. take on a mix either side of the CD, which accompanies a three-piece vinyl compilation featuring previously unreleased music curated by DJ Sprinkles and Hardrock Striker, owner of the label.

On the first disc of this mix CD, Sprinkles channels an all at once energetic and subdued sonic pallet -- much like her work as K-S.H.E -- presenting a mix that leans heavily on the sound of Skylax. Very much the straight-up house that the label is known for, but saturated in references to Paradise Garage, The Loft, and the ballrooms of Midtown Manhattan. In parts, the mix belies the insistently deeper mood of Sprinkles shows in recent years, but this is by no means an unfamiliar approach; Terre Thaemlitz has always maintained varying styles at once, often standing in opposition to one another. On disc two, Hardrock Striker draws from his recent label signees, such as Jason Grove, Octo Octa, Fuckthegovernment.Ltd, and Urban Inc. Striker packs more of a bag for the upbeat parties he is known for in Paris, while not straying too far from "deep" sounds allied with his label. The mix features friends from the back catalog of Skylax as well unheard tracks forthcoming on one of three exclusive vinyl releases. Here he unearths some overlooked gems from the last two decades, before ending with his work on the Peter Black and Hardrock Striker record, Dreamtime. House music is ubiquitous in clubs around the world. Stay underground, it pays. DJ Sprinkles' mix features: Garage Shelter, An Expresso, Jason Grove, Nick Beringer, Simoncino, Chez Damier, Soul System (aka Nicholas), Sameed, Damien Zala, F.T.G. & Belfie & Alex Tea, Joey Kay, Lady Blacktronika, Carlos Nilmmns, and Violence FM & The Underground Soulsavers. Hardrock Striker's mix features: Lady Blacktronika, Sinan Kaya, Urban Inc, Jason Grove, Love Island, Octo Octa, Rosenhaft, Concept e25, Kuba Sojka, Groove Riddim, Nathaniel X Project, Niko Marks, Signal St, Mike Sharon, Garage Shelter, and Peter Black & Hardrock Striker.