LP version. Clock Opera release their long-awaited third album Carousel on League of Imaginary Nations. Carousel is a unique and intimate look at the emotional challenges faced when becoming a father, a search for new identity and an examination of what you need to surrender in order to change. Guy Connelly, Clock Opera's lead singer, found that the profound life changes accompanying parenthood transformed his writing process. Huge questions dominated and called him to account. There is also a great sense of discovery, joy and renewal to Carousel, a return to the euphoric uplift of their debut Ways To Forget (2012); an understanding of the odds against being alive at all. A new sense of incredible wonder and happiness accompanied by a fresh set of reasons to fear the future. Carousel sees Clock Opera reach new heights in their production and songwriting craft, seamlessly combining a wide range of instrumentation, from distorted bass clarinet, French horns, Suzuki hand chimes, to mournful midnight choirs and ambient swells in collaboration with found sounds and frozen moments. Inspired by sci-fi soundtracks (Jóhann Jóhannsson, Jerry Goldsmith, Mica Levi), experimental theater scores, unpredictable electronica, and futuristic pop, Carousel was self-produced at their South London studios. Drawing from the deep artistic wells of Shawn Everett, Homogenic by Björk, Roy Orbison, and ambient Eno recordings, the album was written in a sequence of intensive bursts in hideaways from Peckham to LA. Nic Nell's wild synth improvisations, driven through a collection of idiosyncratic '80s delays became a huge part of the Carousel sound, drawing from the experimental electronic palette of his Casually Here recordings. As ever, Che Albrighton's furiously energetic drums power the whole operation relentlessly to its target, with spontaneous detail and featherlight touch. Mixed by Kristofer Harris at Squarehead Studios in Kent, in the same room that their sophomore album Venn was made (2017). This creative continuity has resulted in a beautiful and accomplished record, simultaneously vulnerable and triumphant, immediate and multi-layered. Clock Opera rose to prominence in 2012 with their debut Ways To Forget, together with a raft of well-loved remixes for Everything Everything, Christine & The Queens, Metronomy, Blood Orange, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Marina & The Diamonds, amongst many others. In 2017, Venn explored darker themes and wider sonic territory. Clock Opera is: Guy Connelly (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, production), Che Albrighton (drums, percussion, samples), and Nic Nell (keyboards, bass, vocals, production).