Zawstydzajacy Dar


"Long, long ago, when there was no Polish bus to Warsaw, when the Internet counted on pulses and cost a fortune, and each telephone bill in my house was punishable by a prison dinner and having to kneel in the corner on a packet of frozen peas, music was for me the most important significance in the world. I cannot remember how I came across, where music and personal polemics never ended, and the wellspring of artistic inspiration and news beat a strong and constant stream. It was then that I came across this guy, whose erudition, humor and mind, sharp as a razor, cut adversaries with little anesthetic. This was Jacek Staniszewski, a mysterious figure, and thoroughly fascinating. I also found that Jacek founded the absolutely cult Neurobot (you won't be able to associate this name, because at that time were probably listening to Laibach or Nirvana) and he also worked as Facial Index. From the perspective of the 'eighteen, clumsy and shy' environment, AltF4, or the 'Warsaw laptop scene', this was totally hermetic and elitist, plus there was nothing there my friends would also appreciate, but the memories of those gigs where even my ankles shook due to associations with music and experiments which until this point could only be read in Machina or Bruma remain alive in me. However, I do realize that such affiliation has its own rules and can draw memories more vividly than it should. Anyway, Jacek is back in a big way, if not more, because this is his own personal work and is probably not suitable for any one of the contemporary Polish scenes. There is the same electronic goodness, without fatigued nodules or summary fashion, but his adjusting of bass and treble controls is in itself a revealing recommendation. The front cover of this CD was prepared by the modest, but devilishly talented Alexandra Waliszewska, darling of not only the southern part of Poland, but respected very much by the likes of Andrew Liles and David Tibet." - Iwona Palka