Theatrical Techno Illustrated

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Tokyo Offshore Project was a collaboration between Frankie Valentine and Simon Lovejoy, DJs and producers heavily involved in the construction of the underground UK house and electronica scene of the '90s, and Japanese musician Kiyoshi Myaura. Lovejoy was responsible for DJ Harvey's edits on Black Cock Records, which Lovejoy and Harvey co-ran with Gerry Rooney, and was a resident at The Brain in Soho, London, an historically important venue in the development of house and techno and the first club to encourage live PAs like Ultramarine and Orbital. Valentine, one of London's finest underground house DJs, began DJing in the late '70s and still works crowds into frenzies. Theatrical Techno Illustrated is a collection of their best underground house and electronica moments from 1990 through 1992, including three previously unreleased tracks. Lovejoy recalls the project's inception: "Tokyo Offshore Project. Winter 1990. Airport, London, waiting for DJ Frankie to turn up from club land. The flight announcement to Japan. Making tune with Roland 202, I borrowed from DJ Choci... Airport. Alaska, stamp passport. City. Drive through, over expressway, introduction of Kiyoshi... Meeting next to a piano, told of trip to north Japan. Nara. Apartment. Minimalist design, meet Kiyoshi's friend a video director, have smoke. City. Noodle man, taxi. Lost on sake, following postman back to hotel room. Towel by door, borrowed smoke, MTV on cable, asking questions. Bullet train, five course meal, Zen temple, walking, peaceful people praying, gift to God for good luck. City. 3 AM, recording street sounds, phone booth, cig, hot/cold drinks machines... Studio. Vocal booth, tuner, men in suits, emotionless, staring through window. Record shop, meet westerners, club flyers, found first record, rare. Story of Wigan from The Brain club and his airship as it goes over city... City taxi trip 'round expressway, past harbor lights to Electric Avenue, pop star David Byrne buying gadgets, buy DAT Walkman too. Karaoke bar. Hostesses constantly changing, filling drinks, singing, standing outside toilet with towel, Kiyoshi asks which one, on the house, can take to Love Hotel, choose a room, Jacuzzi, massage, bar cabinet, taken to restaurant, live fish, geisha girls, one modern, one traditional, talk of our experience. Airport, rest time in Thailand sitting by window of plane watching ground staff standing in line waving at us." For fans of '90s underground house; new electronica, ambient, and chill out; The Future Sound of London; B12; and Balance Recordings.