Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 4


This is the fourth volume of Moon Harbour's Inhouse label compilation series. In accordance with the tried-and-tested concept, this release also showcases the work of current Moon Harbour artists. In addition to exclusive tracks by Matthias Tanzmann, Luna City Express, Dan Drastic, Ekkohaus, Martinez, Italoboyz, Andy Catana and Blind Minded, special guests like Reboot, Guido Schneider, Boris Werner and tINI & Marc Antona are also represented on this compilation. The list of artists clearly demonstrates that Moon Harbour has developed into a label with international scope and appeal. This sampler was compiled and mixed by Dan Drastic, who has been part of Moon Harbour's artist roster for more than seven years. He regularly hosts the Moon Harbour Nights at the Leipzig club Distillery and is one of the most active Moon Harbour DJs, together with Matthias Tanzmann and Luna City Express. The musical styles on Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 4 range from the deep house of Luna City Express and Ekkohaus to the reduced groovy tech house á la tINI & Marc Antona, Andy Catana and Boris Werner and the floor-fillers by Reboot and Dan Drastic. In this sense, the selection of tracks mirrors the current breadth of styles represented by the label in its 12th year. Since the third Inhouse compilation, a lot has happened at Moon Harbour. In addition to the releases of the albums Hello from Planet Earth by Luna City Express (2009) and Paradigm Shift by Martinez (2010), the 10th anniversary of the label was celebrated with gusto in 2010, complete with the compilation and club tour, Ten Years of Moon Harbour. The year 2010 also marked the birth of the monthly Moon Harbour Radio Show. Luna City Express and Dan Drastic have been taking turns producing this show, which has already had more than 25 editions. The year 2011 marked another special occasion: sister label Cargo Edition celebrated its fifth anniversary with the compilation Five Years of Cargo Edition. In the summer of 2011, Moon Harbour released the compilation CD Circoloco @ DC10 Ibiza - the Next Level, mixed by Matthias Tanzmann and Davide Squillace. To celebrate the release of Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 4, there will be numerous record release showcases.