International Songs


"Someone once answered the question of whether there is a connection between record collections and love this way: 'you know I own 20,000 vinyl, that means I own 20,000 women that can't cheat on me'. With the newest Musikkrause release from Ian Simmonds, one has reason to feel not betrayed, but rather rewarded: collectors, connoisseurs, admirers, ladies, listeners and dancers unite to savor the most exquisite chocolate of the world -- music from the finest cocoas, not sugary, but lightly sweetened. The London-based Ian Simmonds has since the early '90s been all over the world in the tradition of producer and record-spinner mixing modern and futuristic visions to taste. To the melodic table reserved for regulars, as Juryman he brought well-known island music styles such as dub, techno, house, broken-beat, nujazz, film music, jazz, radio, soul, Afro beat, and drum & bass both to cheers and hand-wringing. These efforts courted labels such as Studio K7!, SSR, Compost, among others which promoted Ian Simmonds' albums, EPs and remixes for the masses. Ian Simmonds always knew exactly how club jazz is supposed to sound as well as how the bass, although taking a detour through the brain, can reach the feet. That, ladies and gentlemen, is on display here! And it gets deeper with a hug from Michael Corleone and Don Vito from the best epic of all time. It goes without saying that longtime fan and Musikkrause cohort Metaboman is ready to spin the remix until his fingers are raw. Title 1: Mourning yields hope, tears must capitulate to laughter, stagnancy is replaced by action, inertia replaced by movement and suddenly in detroit the sun rises. An entire land swings right to left and finally chooses the right president! Title 2: Art Blakely , Sun Ra and Thelonious Monk ride together with Kara Ben Nemsi and the kalif of laptop through the croat curtain of a Karl May flick from the '60s. A smoky fireside and the distinctly meditative landscapes' intoxicating spirit channel every fable and fairy into the cultural jazz-body! Title 3: the Serengeti-steppe in the club, everybody dances on the red earth wobbling on bellies full of corn mash and coconut beer. Fela Kuti and Tony Allen are nevertheless software developers of a dynamic connection between black and white title 4/Metaboman remix: razzle-dazzle, klimper-wimper, klepper-pepper, stimmel-wimmel, samba-pamba, hopple-popple, quietsch-popitsch electricity is produced by means of rhythm, healing through the burning of blood! Dance or die to the voodoo of bass and drum!"