I Love Techno 2007

MM 030CD MM 030CD

It's clash of the techno titans as the globally-renowned "I Love Techno" event and UK/Holland-based Dave Clarke bring it on for 20 tracks of uncompromising electronic beats. Featuring unreleased tracks from Kevin Saunderson, The Advent, DJ 3000, Rob Gibson and T. Linder as well as fresh cuts from Joey Beltram, Substance & Vainqueur, The Horrorist and many more, I Love Techno 2007 showcases the most upfront and forward-thinking dancefloor techno, mixed in one live take from one of its biggest global pioneers. Dave Clarke is one of the most important techno and electro producer/DJs around. His cut-up DJ sets are the stuff of legends, where the dancefloor is constantly kept on the edge as electro, techno, Chicago jack house, booty bass and leftfield sonics are spliced and diced with razor-sharp precision. Dave Clarke remains one of the biggest techno names on the planet, either running tents or headlining the cream of the world's best festivals (Sonar, Glastonbury, Lowlands etc.) and playing clubs and live gigs the world over. He has even established his own weekly radio show which showcases his eclectic taste for the alternative scene, both in and outside electronic music, with the occasional live broadcast. From the brooding, rolling beats of Christian Smith and John Selway's set opening "Coming Storm" to the more subtle rhythmic flow of Oliver Ho's Raudive project and Joris Voorn's unreleased remix of Kevin Saunderson's classic "Bassline" to new releases from Fastgraph and Radial, Dave Clarke builds the energy up and down across 20 tracks, encompassing the various forms of what we call techno in 2007. Other artists include: Peter Horrevorts, Public Energy, Quince, British Murder Boys, Matt Rissi & Mustafa Avdic, Woody McBride, Side Four, Phase, Blak Tony, Detroit's Own DJ Surgeon and Velvet Underwear.