1-2 Weeks
Members of the Oceanclub


Double CD for the price of one (reissue of a 1996 album, plus 2nd CD of remixes by Thomas Fehlmann, The Orb, Ellen Allien, and more) from Berlin's Gudrun Gut. Gudrun currently runs the Monika label, was a early member of Einsturzende Neubauten and most famously founded the 1980s band Malaria! She has collaborated with Blixa Bargeld, Anita Lane, Thomas Fehlmann, etc. "The summer of 1994, a flat share in Berlin's Potsdamerstraße and it's blazing hot. Back then I was busy tinkering with some simple bass loops on my computer and my loop machine. The speakers helped to spread the loops across the entire flat, a perfect match for the relaxed summer feel. Laurie said: 'it's like being under water, in the ocean.' An ocean club -- all of a sudden, my future had a new home. After years and years of playing in bands I wanted to pursue my own visions -- but continue to work with friends. I wanted to create a loose collective, an open club for members: Members of the Oceanclub. I locked myself in the studio with longtime Australian friend Anita Lane and the loops became tracks. Johnny Klimek loved the result and offered to help out on production. In Inga Humpe I rediscovered an old friend from the 80s at the E-Werk and we decided to re-explore the strange power of the butterfly. My work was beginning to take shape. Further new members included Danielle de Picciotto and my Malaria and Matador sidekick Manon P. Duursma, I also invited Katharina Franck, Jovanka von Willsdorf (Quarks) and Jayney Klimek and, naturally, included a track by my Miasma partner Myra Davis. In the end, we also needed the obligatory male joker: my Schöneberg neighbour and old partner in crime Blixa Bargeld joined me in an homage to the sun, adding additional sparkle to the ladies' circle. In 1996 the resulting album Members of the Ocean Club was finally released by Alternation. By now the Oceanclub network spans the entire globe, and I am very proud to reintroduce you to its beginnings with this double CD. The remixes featured on CD 2 were only ever released on vinyl and, like the original recordings, have long been discontinued." -- G.Gut, Berlin July 2004. Remixers include, Klaus Schulze, Paul van Dyk, Thomas Fehlmann, Johnny Klimek, Ian Pooley, Orb, Spinout Butterfliege, Ellen Allien, Corbra.