We Are Modeselektor


What is a "Seilscheibenpfeiler?" Where did the first Modeselektor tracks come to life? Where is Monkeytown? Why is a ride in a tour bus more fun than being on a plane? These and many more questions are answered by the documentary We Are Modeselektor. In 72 minutes, the filmmakers Romi Agel and Holger Wick draw a portrait of Modeselektor that is more than just a biography, but a movie about Germany after the Wall came down, a travel reportage, and a story about a special friendship, all in one. We Are Modeselektor tells the history up to today of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary by means of numerous interviews with Modeselektor themselves and companions like the VJs from Pfadfinderei, Ellen Allien and Moderat band colleague Sascha Ring (Apparat). Twenty year-old video recordings show raves in abandoned industrial factory basements that Szary organized, with the 15 year-old Gernot as a party guest. You see how Szary with analog synths works on first improvised techno live sets and Gernot -- with a Naomi Campell poster above two record players (bought from money saved over two years) -- does his first mixes. And you get to know how two very different people, personality-wise, became friends -- who would, a few years later, play DJ sets and finally produce tracks together. The movie highlights important events in Modeselektor's biography: their first record In Loving Memory on BPitch Control, the foundation of their own record labels Monkeytown Records and 50WEAPONS, pre-show stage-fright, their notorious champagne showers during their shows from Amsterdam to Zagreb, and this film also shows their private life, apart from their musical career. Also features videoclip appearances from Thom Yorke, Miss Platnum, and Otto von Schirach. Format: Blu-ray disc, 72 minutes with 17 minutes of bonus material. Language: German, subtitles: English and French. Dolby Digital 2.0/PCM sounds, 1080P full HD. [PLEASE NOTE: this Blu-Ray is coded as Region B for Europe; it is NOT region-free and not compatible in North America, sorry]