Modeselektion Vol. 03


Modeselektion Vol. 03 is all about the art of selection -- about careful consideration, motivation, choice, process -- that is, a pretty elaborate labor of love that hides intense effort under free-flowing, seamless sounds that sneak up on the ears to broaden our collective horizon. Modeselektion Vol. 03 boasts buckets of strictly exclusive tracks, once again hand-picked by Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. Whether on vinyl or onstage, any Modeselektion "boils down to whatever we think is hot," explains Gernot Bronsert. "We suffer from constant music overload, so we use Modeselektion to channel the best of these tunes for the outside world." It all starts with Fennesz: a paragon of sophisticated electronic sounds, the Viennese producer has narrowed the niche between guitar and laptop like no other. Followed by -- The Fall! Anyone who has had the privilege to enjoy the barking lyrics and blaring beats of Mark E. Smith and his band will appreciate a brand new discovery after 30 studio albums, another 30 live recordings and lashes of post punk (hi)story. Somewhere else in the fray, Schlachthofbronx and Buraka Som Sistema enter into an unholy alliance with "Volumen," so feel free to turn it up and toss out your copy of "Harlem Shake!" Or taste a true no-brainer and instant hit ("Be the One"), filling floors from boutique club to mega disco, by Alex Banks, backed by singer Elizabeth Bernholz. Meanwhile, Manchester's Illum Sphere simply reinvents old school house with "Bullett" and Berlin trio To Rococo Rot finds kindred spirits, all the way across the playlist, in Berlin's finest Brandt Brauer Frick -- both sharing a penchant for unleashing acoustic instruments on unsuspecting grooves. LVis 1990 and Onra whip up a storm with "Funk 4D" and "Blast," two funk steamrollers with lashings of Back to the Future potential. Not to forget Henrik Schwarz and his sing-a-long dancefloor smash -- a level-headed, yet elated declaration of bankruptcy. Also part of the package: the sharpest drops, Berlin's most mysterious acts, the most sizzling sounds from France -- and quite possibly the best track in all of Modeselektion history: a crazy Syrian wedding party soundtrack by Omar Souleyman (in a Modeselektor edit). Before all good things come to an end, here are a few salient facts: beyond the Souleyman edit, Modeselektion Vol. 03 does not feature any original tracks by our dynamic duo -- there was already more than enough greatness to spread by old and new friends. Nineteen sweet treats from Modeselektor, guarded by an equally delectable pineapple monkey. Other artists include: Nosaj Thing, Solar Year, Cid Rim, Akkord, Robot Koch, Howling, Born In Flamez, French Fries, and Onra.