Medusa's Bed


Mia Zabelka, Zahra Mani, and Lydia Lunch collaborate on the seductively sinister full-length recording Medusa's Bed, which fuses Zabelka's avant violin stylings to Mani's psychoambient soundscapes, creating an otherworldly sound -- the perfect match for Lydia Lunch's nocturnal vocals. Medusa's Bed is reminiscent of a murder mystery or hypnotic late-night radio drama. Evocative and suspenseful, the album evokes the threat of something devious, sneaking up out of the dark and whispering an invitation to your shadow. "Linked due to their ability to physically affect the subject, desire and rage, two of those most feral of urges, exist deep in the limitless free-flow of the unconscious. These may be the very excess of all emotions, when all else has been articulated and temporarily spent -- these twin urges can still spit forth; they exceed simple containment. Instead, they demand like an incessant, raw itch to be scratched again and again, until finally, even under dirty bitten, uneven nails, the surface gives way, the skin breaks and along the thin trails, blood blossoms. But no adequate crust can form; any scab will be picked away. Rather, these urges demand unending physical satisfaction; they work through the body, manifest on and across it." --Jack Sargeant; Mia Zabelka, sound artist, violinist and vocalist from Vienna. She has developed a unique language based on the de- and reconstruction of the violin's sonic possibilities, expanding the instrument using live electronic devices and innovative performance techniques. Thus, she constructs and explores the limits of sound and music in a language entirely her own. The violin, voice and her own body transform into sound bodies, which are at once organic and primal, screaming, lyrical, composed and explosive. Zahra Mani lives in Austria and Croatia. As a composer and multi-instrumentalist, she creates pulsing, shifting soundscapes derived from her burgeoning archive of instrumental and found-sound that she has been recording and developing since 2002. Her work focuses on spaces between, where field recordings, voices, instruments, machines, the sea, the wind, animals and landscapes provide the acoustic basis for auditory worlds. Lydia Lunch is a restless nomad forever travelling the globe in search of new collaborators. An independent artist prolific in music, literature, spoken-word, film and photography, she was voted by Time Out New York as one of the most influential performers originating from NYC. She has performed as well as taught workshops at numerous universities, museums and art festivals for three decades and continues to explore new mediums in which to express her passion and creativity. Lydia Lunch (vocals); Mia Zabelka (electric violin, effects and live electronics), and Zahra Mani (bass guitar, samples and live electronics).