No me quejo de mi estrella

MR 341CD MR 341CD

Jonathan Richman intended this collection of music as a gift for his audiences in Spain (and outside the U.S. in general): to give them a selection of songs that are well-known through live shows but not so easy to find on CD or LP up until now, given the fact that records such as Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow (2001) or Not So Much to be Loved as to Love (2004) are out-of-print today. On the other hand, all of the songs in this collection -- chronologically ordered from the present backwards to the past -- were written in the 21st century, so this record fulfills a second function as a thermometer of Jonathan's music in the new millennium, in the fourth decade of his unique music career. This goes to show that we got a whole lotta JoJo going on, that we have here a rare case of a musician who gets richer, more colorful and stronger with time, yet never forgetting his original flavor. Munster Records is proud to present No me quejo de mi estrella as a sample of Jonathan's most recent body of songs. You could pick 16 different titles and still come up with an equally solid album, because the "duende" of this music does not come from a particular hit single but from the soul, from the connection with that Great Spirit where music and beauty are born. It is not then a question of "greatest hits," but of love. Still, the 16 songs presented here have good credentials, as their author personally chose them for this collection. The spell of these songs is not of artifice and pretentiousness, "not of high heels and eye shadow," not of ornament nor of anything in your hair. It is something deep, a raw and wild beauty such as that which is "at the core of the stars we see." It is the mystery of the eternal and arcane sound of the flamenco guitar, the mystery of rock'n'roll: an open secret. A brave American poet told us so: "Guard the Mysteries! Constantly reveal them!" As the listeners will find out for themselves, the charms and incantations in this collection bring you an always-familiar yet constantly renewed air of revelation. Cantante, a cantar!