Dire A Mi Gente

MR 430LP MR 430LP

Munster Records present a first time reissue of Ana y Jaime's Diré A Mi Gente, originally released in 1969. An essential Colombian album that connects the new generations that grew up after the fall of the socialist block. It's a classic with one foot in protest song and the other in acid rock, harsh sounding but also current, raw and sincere. It's reminiscent of Nadaism via Pablus Gallinazo, the bittersweet tenderness of Elia y Elizabeth and the post Yetis duet of Norman y Darío. It was recorded by the brothers Ana and Jaime Valencia and originally released in 1969 on the local label Discos 15. The messages it conveys are still fresh and the blend of superb songs, arrangements and the candor of the duo's performance proves the relevance and importance of re-listening to this album in an increasingly nihilistic and depoliticized world. The teenage voices enhance the truthfulness and power of conviction of the classic songs of Alí Primera and Daniel Viglietti. The endearing song "Cuántos Momentos", originally recorded by Iván Darío López from Los Yetis-Norman y Darío, stands out on the album. "Es Largo El Camino", with more stark lyrics by Nelson Osorio backed by Astudillo's screeching guitar, sends shivers down your spine. Diré A Mi Gente reaffirms that the transformative power of music is still there, latent, waiting to be unleashed. Even though the road traveled to get there is sometimes long. Liner notes by Mexican DJ and collector Carlos Icaza aka Tropicaza (Dublab, Worldwide FM.)